Installing OpenNI for Linux-ARM in Ubuntu Pandaboard

2012-Jan-07 | Tags: COMinstallmicrosoftubuntu

Linux on ARMOpenNI has shown some lights to natural interactions by using depth map images together with RGB images from cameras. Natural human gestures, e.g. hand moving, limbs movements are all being developed fast. Microsoft Kinect is a typical example that demonstrated the huge potential of the OpenNI in terms of game applications.

While, more work could be done with OpenNI, with other devices that could capture depth images, e.g. ASUS’s Xtion pro. In the OpenNI community supported by manufacturers e.g. Primesense, Microsoft and Asus more information could be found in

About installing OpenNI

Many tutorials can be search out in the internet, there vary from different operation systems to different installation packages and to various installation errors and solutions as well. Mostly, these focus on three popular systems – windows, linux and mac os. In the windows systems, of course, the installation is relatively the easiest as a good population of developers are working on it. In the mac os, it is ok to install the OpenNI as it is intuitive and with good support from the community...

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Linux on ARM