Linux Kernel 3.4.109 LTS Has Lots of ARM, x86, PPC, and Btrfs Improvements, More

2015-Sep-23 | Tags: kernelmips

Linux on ARMAfter reporting the other day news about new Linux kernel maintenance releases, including Linux kernel 4.2.1, Linux kernel 4.1.8 LTS, and Linux kernel 3.10.89 LTS, today we're informing you about the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.4.109 LTS.

Zefan Li, the maintainer of the long-term supported Linux 3.4 kernel series, has had the great pleasure of dropping the news about the one-hundred-and-ninth maintenance release of the branch, urging all users to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible. The diff from Linux kernel 3.4.108 LTS has been attached to Mr. Li's mailing list announcement.

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Linux on ARM