With Raspbian 'Jessie' release, has the Raspberry Pi lost its way?

2015-Sep-29 | Tags: analysisdebianother_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMIf you own a Raspberry Pi, you are probably a really cool guy or gal. Well, actually, I should say that you are cool in the geek community (it probably won't get you a date with a cheerleader). In other words, owning the diminutive maker-friendly computer is a geeky status symbol that indicates you are in-the-know.

While the Raspberry Pi is a fun piece of hardware, it is useless without an operating system. There are plenty of options to choose (including Windows 10 IoT), but arguably, for the best overall experience, you should stick with the Debian-based Raspbian Linux distro. Today, the latest version, code-named 'Jessie' is released to the wild. Does it signal that the Raspberry Pi is losing its way?

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Linux on ARM