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  • HOWTO: Bodhi Linux on Samsung ARM Chromebook

    Linux on ARMThe battery recently died in my old Asus Netbook which gave me some fire to finally get together a functional filesystem for the Samsung Chromebook I've had for a little over a year. I published a rough file system with install instructions here last December. Since then a few things have changed in the structure of ChromeOS and the install script/file systems needed some updates.

  • Bodhi Linux Distribution Has Dropped Official ARM Support (For a While)

    Linux on ARMLinux is omnipresent in your life via gadget running Android, but in the desktop world, as many of you already know, it’s not straightforward to get a Linux distribution fully work on ARM platform, because each ARM SoC or board is different, and above all binary blobs used for GPUs, VPUs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips can make it extremely complex, even impossible, to have a fully working ARM Linux distribution for a given hardware.

  • Bodhi on MK802 and other ARM Updates

    Linux on ARMToday I am happy to announce our first public Bodhi images for the MK802 Android stick. This image comes with a 3.0 kernel and it has OpenGL support for MK802 GPU enabled out of the box. You can find a download link for the MK802 on the ARMHF page of the Bodhi website. The default user name is armhf and the password is bodhilinux. This default user has sudo enabled for installing software and ssh is on by default.

  • Bodhi ARMHF Alpha for Nexus 7

    Linux on ARMEarlier this month we collected enough donations that I was able to pick up a Nexus 7 to do some development work on for Bodhi. Today I would like to share our first public images for the Nexus 7.

  • Bodhi Linux runs on Samsung's ARM-powered Chromebook

    Linux on ARMBodhi can best be described as a lightweight Linux flavor coded to run across a wide range of hardware. Recently, the versatile operating system was modded by Bodhi dev Jeff Hoogland to run on Samsung's stalwart $250 Chromebook - which is powered by Samsung's ARM-based Exynos Cortex-A15 processor.

  • Install Bodhi Linux On ARM Chromebooks

    Linux on ARMBodhi Linux is a lightweight and 'eye candy' Linux distro that features the Enlightenment desktop and applications. Jeff Hoogland, one of the key developers of this project has recently released images that you can use to install Bodhi Linux in your ARM based Chromebook. Note Bodhi Linux has a ARM CPU port, this post is aimed at installing Bodhi Linux specially in Chromebooks.

  • Bodhi's ARM Branch Moves to ARMHF

    Linux on ARMAfter doing some research and testing for the last week I have arrived at the conclusion that Bodhi's ARM branch will best serve our users by moving our core from Debian Wheezy ARMEL to utilize Debian Wheezy ARMHF. I'm not going to get into the technical difference between the two platforms here - just know that in general ARMHF is faster.

  • Bodhi Linux ARM Alpha Release for RaspBerry Pi

    Linux on ARMI've been busy with lots of different Bodhi things of the late. The latest of my many projects has been getting the Bodhi desktop functional on the RaspBerry Pi:

  • Bodhi Linux ARM Release Candidate for Genesi

    Linux on ARMEarly this year I posted about our beta release of Bodhi on ARM for the Genesi Smartbook. Today I would like to finally follow up that beta release with something that I consider "release candidate" quality. The hardware is 99% functional with this release including the ability to suspend the system. Other small improvements include functional "plug and play" for flash drives and a mostly functional AppCenter!

  • Bodhi Linux ARM Beta Release for Genesi Smartbook

    Linux on ARMMuch to my fiancée's dismay my little Genesi Smartbook has been occupying much of my time of the late. In fact, just six days ago I posted about how to get an early build of a Bodhi ARM file system for the Smartbook.

  • Arch, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux ported to the HP TouchPad tablet

    Linux on ARMBefore hackers figured out how to install Google Android on the HP TouchPad, people were using the 9.7 inch tablet to run Ubuntu Linux… sort of. The discontinued tablet actually shipped with HP’s webOS software preloaded and early attempts to run Linux didn’t boot Linux instead of webOS. They basically let you run Ubuntu alongside Android and run Ubuntu apps without rebooting using UbuntuChroot.

  • Bodhi Linux ARM Repository Online

    Linux on ARMFive months ago I did a post announcing that we are working to bring Bodhi to ARM devices. I've been rather quiet about this part of our project since then. We are still finalizing the direction this part of our project is headed in, but for now we have landed on the choice of Debian Stable as our core. Our repository is currently online and you can easily install our Enlightenment packages on top of your Debian Stable ARM install by following these steps:

  • Bodhi Linux for ARM running on Nokia N900

    Linux on ARMThis is a very early build (mostly a proof of concept) of Bodhi Linux for ARM running in a Debian Squeeze chroot on the Nokia N900. It is far from done, but that will change in the coming months. You can see from this video though the base functionality is there and the OS is snappy. Bodhi Linux is a minimalistic Linux distribution that utilizes the Enlightenment Desktop.

  • Bodhi Linux for ARM Alpha 1

    Linux on ARMIf you have used Bodhi before then you may be aware that one of the profiles we offer by default is one that is optimized for touch screen devices. Over the past couple of months since we added this layout we have had many requests from users to get Bodhi running on embedded touch screen devices.

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