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  • Linux on ARMAfter having announced the release of Linux kernel 4.1.2 LTS and Linux kernel 3.10.84 LTS, Greg Kroah-Hartman published details about the forty-eighth maintenance release of the Linux 3.14 kernel series.

  • Linux on ARMThe fifth maintenance released of Linux kernel 4.0 arrived today, June 6, as announced by Greg Kroah-Hartman, a renowned kernel developer, on Linux kernel's official mailing lists.

  • Linux on ARMMichal Toman, a Fedora developer known for work on ABRT (Automatic Bug Reporting Tool), as well as the PowerPC (PPC) and s390 ports of the operating system, has posted a message on the Fedora Linux mailing list that he want to revive the MIPS port of Fedora.

  • Linux on ARMAfter having announced the release of Linux kernel 4.0.2, Linux kernel 3.19.7, and Linux kernel 3.14.41 LTS, Greg Kroah-Hartman has revealed that the seventy-seven maintenance version of Linux 3.10 kernel is available for download and all users of the 3.10 kernel branch must upgrade as soon as possible.

  • Linux on ARMAfter announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.0.2 and Linux kernel 3.19.7, Greg Kroah-Hartman was happy to announce a new maintenance version of the LTS (Long Term Support) Linux kernel 3.14, which means that all users of 3.14 kernel series must upgrade immediately.

  • Linux on ARMLinux kernel 3.14.40 LTS arrived a few days ago, as announced by Greg Kroah-Hartman on the kernel mailinglist, and it brings a number of important improvements to the ARM and PowerPC architectures, as well as several updated drivers.

  • Linux on ARMLinux 3.19 brought improvement to btrfs (raid), the network stack, added ARM Coresight, device tree overlays support, and more. Some key changes made to Linux 4.0 include:

  • Linux on ARMThe Debian distribution provides support for numerous processor architectures and it's one of the most prolific in this area. It looks like MIPS support will continue to be offered by the Debian maintainers after the developers get their hand on some new MIPS-powered hardware.

  • Linux on ARMGreg Kroah-Hartman had the pleasure of announcing earlier today, March 7, the immediate availability for download of the first point release for the Linux 3.19 kernel, which is the current stable branch of the Linux kernel, the core of any GNU/Linux operating system.

  • Linux on ARMBen Hutchings, the maintainer of the Linux 3.2 kernel branch, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and upgrade of a new maintenance release for Linux kernel 3.2, version 3.2.67, urging users to update to it as soon as possible. Linux 3.2.67 kernel is a long-term supported version mostly used on very stable environments or embedded systems.

  • Linux on ARMCavium talks about and shows their latest enterprise, data center, wired and wireless networking OCTEON and OCTEON Fusion SoCs based on ARMv8 64bit and MIPS, making customized optimized core designs for each in use for cloud servers and base stations among other. CAVIUM claims that their 48-core ARMv8 64bit enterprise/server design, due to be released later this year, provides more performance at lower power consumption than Intel´s x86.

  • Linux on ARMWind River announced Wind River Linux 6, featuring Yocto Project 1.5 Linux kernel and toolchain, and expanded multi-architecture hardware support including 64-bit ARMv8. Wind River also announced a faster new Yocto-compatible version of its carrier-grade Wind River Open Virtualization software.

  • Linux on ARMThe Linux experience for many of our readers most likely starts with an x86 hardware platform. However, desktop solutions exist for other platforms, like ARM and MIPS. When Linus Torvalds' practice with Minix led to Linux, the main development platform was a PC with the i386 architecture. Three years later, in 1994, he was asked to help Digital (DEC, or just Digital Equipment Corporation) port Linux onto the Alpha platform.

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